February 2018


“Godliness – One Way Road Ahead” Any road has diversions and staying on the route laid out by God is sometimes difficult. Being a good follower of directions, particularly God’s directions, is a constant job and we all must work hard at it.


“Perseverance – Keep on Trucking'” Sometimes the going gets tough and the trip gets boring. Hanging in there and seeing the trip through is only possible by continuing to be strengthened by God.

January 2018

Self Control

“Self-Control – The Loneliest Highway” As people, we don’t ask for directions or read the instructions, and frequently get lost or can’t finish things. In a world where road signs and billboards advertising everything we should not do are in our faces, we need a high degree of self-control to stay on God’s route.


“Knowledge – Real Christians Ask for Directions” Road maps are necessary on any trip. Equipping yourself with the knowledge from God’s roadmap, the Bible, is important so you see the actual “directions” to follow on this trip.

Moral Excellence

” Moral Excellence – Stay Alive at 65!” We need to follow the speed limit, observe safe practices and do what the signs along the way tell us. Moral excellence or goodness is commanded of us as we have cast off the old life and started new with our faith.