March 2018


“Road Trip Companionship” This bonus message looks at marriage and the companionship we have on the journey. We do not travel alone.


“Love – Homeward Bound” The destination of the trip. all the “towns” we have stopped at along the way have built up this road trip experience, so we can know God’s perfect love and use our experiences to emulate that in the rest of our trip of life.

February 2018

Brotherly Kindness

“Brotherly Kindness – Life’s TowTruck” Someone will be broken down along the road or lost and will need help in getting back on track. God commands us to look out for fellow travelers and provide assistance.


“Godliness – One Way Road Ahead” Any road has diversions and staying on the route laid out by God is sometimes difficult. Being a good follower of directions, particularly God’s directions, is a constant job and we all must work hard at it.


“Perseverance – Keep on Trucking'” Sometimes the going gets tough and the trip gets boring. Hanging in there and seeing the trip through is only possible by continuing to be strengthened by God.