Mark Crory

Mike Domingue

George Slyman

Paul Cartier

Fouad Faris, Pastor & Teaching Elder


Bill McGonagle


Jared Vitello, Associate Pastor



The Deacon Ministry at JBC exists because of the example in Acts 6, where Stephen and others were chosen to serve and care for the body. This frees the elders to continue to administer the word and protect the flock.

Joe Pipitone


Barry Rhodes


Chris Luksha


Jay Hopkins

Mark Dunton




Our deaconesses minister, primarily, to the needs of the women, providing helps for them regarding their spiritual nurture and material need.
Rachel Straight
Head Deaconess
              Amy Crory
Diane Cooper
         Carol Domingue
            Deb Howard
Jordan Nero
Julie McGonagle
  Alyson Griffin