Reflections on Haiti

It’s the first clinic day in Haiti. What in the world am I doing here? Though I slept last night, I still feel tired after having no sleep for 36 hours before that. I’m rattling along in a sort of metal cage in the back of a truck, through hot and very dusty streets amongst a people that I don’t know (some on our medical and translation team, as well as all of those on the streets). Most of the drive is not through beautiful countryside; it’s through bumpy streets that contain rubble and trash. (Or at least this is what catches my eye on this first day, and for some reason that I’m still trying to unpack it just hurts to see it.) I don’t fully know what to expect at the clinic or how to run my reading glasses station.


Foolish Decisions

Have you ever made a foolish decision and then just had to live with it for what seemed like too long a time? Or maybe you’ll have to live with some consequences for the rest of your life?

Today, as I continued my slow (but good) progress through Jeremiah, I found myself in chapter 29. In the first half, Jeremiah has written a letter to those in exile in Babylon and is telling them what God has to say to them, which is that they will be in exile for quite a while….for 70 years. So, they should get on with their lives: 5 ‘Build houses and live in them; and plant gardens and eat their produce.


What Would You Say?

What if Jesus came and sat down next to you on your couch and said, “Look, I know it’s going to be hard, but I need you to go through a rough trial. Your experience with me in the midst of this trial and your humble and trusting response to it are going to be very important in the life of someone you love. And, please, remember that I’ll be with you always, every step of the way, supplying the strength and comfort you need.” What would you say?